Meditation is a simple practice used to quiet the mind and connect with the true self.  The true self is the “universal light being” or “soul” that resides in every living thing on this beautiful planet. When the connection is made with the Soul, inner guidance is found.  This inner sanctuary resonates with love, peace, joy and wisdom.

Through meditation, making that true connection with the divine can assist you in transcending your deepest fears, doubts and insecurities.  Meditation is an individual journey of discovery with your true self  that leads to a path of self healing.

At the Sanctuary of Peaceful Healing we offer group and individual guided meditation, at various levels of awareness and understanding.  The work we do is in union with the angelic realm and together we can guide you on your path of spiritual ascension.

Please contact us at 905-419-0333 to book a session.

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  1. Traci, Brooklin

    “Each time I experience this guided meditation I change ~ I literally feel my body, mind and spirit shift. Thank you so much for creating Sanctuary of Peaceful Healing! ” Traci Trimble, Empowerment Coach & Reiki Master, Brooklin, ON

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