energy healing


“Teaching the mind to allow the flow of energy” by Michel

We all have access to the process of physical and emotional healing energy.  The problem is when the mind “ego” has a fear (through lack of information) of losing its power over the individual.

The physical healing energy is an act of God throughout your own belief.  We are on this planet to use the gifts of God to co-create individual peace, love and harmony.  When you are IN peace, love and harmony the power of healing is already within you.

We, at the Sanctuary of Peaceful Healing make the commitment to assist you on your journey of healing as a unique experience with your Soul.

The work can open awareness to bring balance and harmony in the chakras, resulting in an overall state of peace and well-being. The important factor that will allow a miracle to happen is that the recipient has an open heart to accept the healing energy and a true desire to change that, which is no longer serving the life experience in a positive way.

Please contact us at 905-419-0333 to book a session.

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  1. I am so grateful for this energy healing session; to literally feel the healing energy move through each of my chakras. I love how relaxed and peaceful that I feel for days afterward. As a healer for others, it is a blessing to have another provide the healing session. Thank you!


    I feel that the experience I had with Kim and Michel was a gift so valuable that I don’t have words to describe it.

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