As a channel, Kim allows herself to be the vessel of communication between the physical and non-physical.  A private channeling session is an interactive dialogue of questions and answers between the channel and the recipient.

Channeled messages are in essence, truth and wisdom.  The information given when received with an open heart will assist in spiritual growth and evolution of the soul.  Truth and wisdom resonate as a “knowing” in the core of the true self no matter where the information comes from.

Cost: $50 (private channeling)

Please contact us at 905-419-0333 to set up an appointment.

If you are interested in learning how to channel or to further develop your own abilities, Michel can assist you.  The Sanctuary of Peaceful Healing is a safe and peaceful place where you are free to explore and develop your own ability to communicate with the higher realm.  Please contact us for more information.

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  1. Vickie, Oshawa

    The experience has made me meditate more often and to listen to my heart.

  2. Y.M Toronto

    I went to the Channeling session because I felt stuck in my own life. I was feeling like living with fear and sadness in the dark.
    Through the session with Kim and Michel, I found that the message was from a higher level. It was much different from going to see therapists or talking to my close friends. The message really talked to my heart and spirit.
    After the session, I felt a shift in my life and I realized my strong will to move forward instead of dwelling in the presence.
    I thank Kim and Michel for all the support and guidance. I truly thank for delivering the important message from the higher spirit.

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