173 King Street West (formerly known as Old Highway 2)
Bowmanville, ON   L1C 1R9


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Michel Berthiaume Michel Berthiaume; Founder
Energy Healing, Meditation, Spiritual Teacher

My desire is to help people realize and then stand for their own beliefs; and to assist in the realization of those beliefs through meditation and healing.
My motto “Love is God and God is Love”.  Namasté
Kim Williamson Kim Williamson; Founder
Energy Healing, Meditation, Channeling

It is a blessing to work in harmony with my life partner Michel.  Through Michel’s gentle guidance and wisdom, I have become more conscious of my true self and realized my spiritual journey is ever evolving and transforming me into the true light being I am.  I invite you to share in the wisdom, peace and loving energy of our Sanctuary. Namasté

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