Energy Healing

"The heart of all Spirituality is simple...
Be Love. Be Peace. Be Harmony. Be Compassion. Be Joy."
~ anonymous

Join us for this most divine hands on healing session that awakens the infinite within you; allowing you the awareness to begin to heal yourself - body, mind, heart and soul...

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" Educating the Mind without educating the Heart is no education at all"
~ Aristotle

Join us in Meditation to connect to Your higher Self; to know Love, Peace and Harmony in both your mind and your heart. Developing a true connection with the divine that can assist you in transcending your deepest fears, doubts and insecurities.

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"it makes no difference if you believe that the words are from non-physical beings or not. The pure wisdom of the truth that resonates with your being makes it irrelevant where they are from... as we are all ONE."
~ Tony Neate

Join us for individual or group channeling session where spiritually channeled messages specific to your questions are channel from your Angels, Archangels, Guides and Guardians...

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Crystal Bowl Meditation

"Music and sound have been proven scientifically to shift the consciousness of the brain. Crystal singing bowls are powerful tools because of the harmonics and overtones that are created. Doing sound healing therapy can stimulate trance like states of body & mind. ~ Sherryl Comeau of Energy Works Studio

Join Michel & Kim every two weeks to sooth your soul with the beautiful sound and vibration of the quartz crystal healing bowls

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Comments (2)

  1. Ivy, Oshawa

    I always describe Michel as an Earth Angel. Michel and Kim offer so much love and compassion during every healing, meditation or workshop, it is indescribable. They are both gifts from God. Thank you for being in my life. Blessings.

  2. Ivy

    Once again the amazing love from God in which Michel and Kim bring to each and every person who attends a session, is a power that is undescribable. What they teach you is so simple, but so complex to many of us. To love yourself, trust and believe in yourself, because to do this, is to also believe and trust in God himself. The journey to discovering this is an amazing one. The Sanctuary Of Peaceful Healing is place where anyone on their Spiritual Journey can seek guidance through Kim and Michel. It is pure divine guidance, offered with unconditional love. I encourage any who have found themselves on this Journey to try a meditation, healing or channeling with Michel and Kim, it will be like nothing you have experienced before. Thank you Kim and Michel for being there for me and all who are on their Journey.

    Blessings to all, Ivy

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